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Maroon Asteria

High Quality Grey Anti Theft Backpack

High Quality Grey Anti Theft Backpack

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1. The computer compartment is perfect for work and entertainment
Large capacity design, can put more items
2. Comfortable lightening, carrying system
The ergonomic carrying system reduces the load on the back and protects the spine without stress
3. Personal memory foam shoulder strap
Fits the curve of the human back, the more comfortable the back is
4. Easy unloading
Adopting gravity decomposition technology to effectively share the load on the shoulders and reduce shoulder fatigue and pain
5. Design concept
Small body and large capacity, casual and versatile, fashionable and eye-catching
In the crowd of people in the city, you are a landscape









Size: Length 31cm* Width 14cm* Height 46cm

Weight: 0.54kg




1*Travel computer bag

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